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Aims, Values & Ethos

Notley Green is a values-based learning community, committed to the education of the whole child.

We teach our values through everything we do and through our daily assemblies and PSHE curriculum. Values displays are prominent in every classroom environment throughout the school.

Our Notley Green Values are:

  • KINDNESS - to have compassion and empathy for others in order to be able to be a positive member of a community.
  • TRUST - to develop relationships that are built on reliability, openness and honesty.
  • RESPONSIBILITY - to be dependable and accountable; have good judgement and the ability to make good choices and decisions.
  • RESPECT- to show positive consideration for people and the planet; to be kind, tolerant and understanding.
  • COURAGE- to have the ability to try new things, overcome fear to undertake challenges; to be morally brave: being generous, fair, forgiving and compassionate.
  • PERSEVERANCE - to show a ‘growth mindset’ despite difficulties, failures or obstacles; to see challenges as the opportunity to grow knowledge, skills and positive attitudes.

Our ethos is based around the adoption of “Three Rights”:

The Right to feel and to be SAFE

  • We commit to making our school a place where the children will feel and be safe.
  • We will prepare children well to help them to stay safe for life beyond the school campus and online.
  • We have a strong, child-centred staff team who will also show their own humanity.
  • Our school will be relentlessly positive, safe and welcoming places to be; our staff will be both interesting and exciting. We will endeavour to sort out children’s concerns and worries responding to what they say to us.

The Right to LEARN

  • We will aim to provide first-rate teaching in all lessons and strive for excellence in everything that we do;
  • We will ensure that high standards in English and mathematics are at the heart of a broad and exciting curriculum;
  • Our school will be an unthreatening place of mutual respect where the children will receive personalised learning and will feel valued.
  • We will encourage the children and celebrate their successes and efforts through striving for the highest quality outcomes.
  • We will ensure that children leave primary education ready, willing and able to successfully take the next step in their learning and the next step in their lives.

The Right to RESPECT

  • Children will be greeted by a friendly face every day and our staff will model positive, respectful relationships to them.
  • The children will be given time to talk and we will thank them for their efforts and attitude.
  • We will show interest in the child and actively listen to them. The children will have a voice at our school and we will provide a supportive environment for them to learn and grow as human beings.
  • We will support children’s holistic development and work hard to overcome barriers and build their self-belief and self-confidence;
  • We will be fair and consistent to every child and our school will be a place where there are smiles seen and laughter heard.