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Core Priorities








Notley Green Primary School

Core Priorities 2022-2023

To embed a broad and balanced curriculum that is progressive across units and year groups

To develop the expertise of subject leaders

To fully embed Rosenshine’s principles of learning across the school so that all children are effectively catered for in all areas of the curriculum

To ensure that the phonics programme ’Little Wandle’ is fully embedded and being taught to a high standard across KS1

Children will retain and build on their knowledge which will in turn enable them to build their capacity to learn at an even greater depth. A rich curriculum will establish a culture for learning which all children will thrive in. 

Subject leaders need to have the tools at their disposal in order to fully embed the new curriculum and raise learning to a consistently high standard across all year groups.  

It is important that teachers continue to refine their practice in each area of the curriculum to enable children to access all lessons at the same level of depth and understanding. 

All children can thrive with their reading and become avid readers to last a lifetime. Children will be provided with high quality phonics teaching.

All subjects will be taught to a high standard which will be reflected in teaching, books and the level of knowledge children acquire.  

Each subject will progress well across the year groups and match the curriculum provided. 

Across the school, lessons will be taught with high quality modelling, scaffolding and questioning.  Children will regularly review and embed their learning and be able to make links across the broader curriculum. 

Little Wandle will be used across KS1 and teaching will be loyal to the scheme.  Children will rapidly gain knowledge of phonics across year F,1 and 2 which will positively impact on their ability to progress with their reading.